Our vision

We are committed to growing global business. We drive growth and wealth creation in enterprises with the desire and potential to succeed.

Our mission

EGS is action-oriented and our reputation is tied to our clients’ achievements. We deliver results by ensuring our services make a substantial difference to our clients.

We aim to exceed our clients’ expectation by providing value-added services, and we provide ongoing guidance and coaching to ensure our clients’ businesses thrive. Business landscapes change over time and we assist our clients in responding to those changes in time and with appropriate strategies.

EGS provides practical and proven strategies to dynamic, growing businesses to ensure they gain significant competitive advantage and investment appeal.

Our service philosophy

EGS works across many companies and industries, and provides experience and knowledge in all areas of business including management, marketing, strategic planning, growth and expansion planning and operations. We bring special skills, solve problems and help businesses expand.

There are ten core principles guiding our Service Philosphy:

  1. We are committed to excellence and take pride in every aspect of our work.
  2. We aim to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations.
  3. We add real value by the way we work with our clients.
  4. We are committed to honesty and integrity.
  5. We are flexible, innovative and responsive.
  6. We provide leadership to transform thinking, structures and business processes.
  7. We relentlessly pursue opportunities and challenges to help our clients’ businesses grow.
  8. We focus on continuous improvement.
  9. We encourage people to develop through training and development.
  10. We value teamwork and two-way communication.

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