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Case Studies:

The DPSA Group

DPSA is a rapidly growing services and supply group of companies catering to the Australasian mineral resources and industrial sectors. DPSA companies possess highly regarded technical knowledge and have a reputation for quality, reliability and guaranteed performance.

In 2005, DPSA CEO Neill Clur appointed Mike Wallas to a newly created advisory board to facilitate growth and expansion of the company.

With his extensive expertise in capital raising and strategic development, Mike was able to guide the company through the processes of acquiring investment. He developed a business plan and investment strategy which successfully raised nearly $1.5 million in initial funding from private investors.
In 2007, Mike became a director on the DPSA Board.

The DPSA Group was awarded 21th place in the 2008 Business Review Weekly’s Fast 100 listing. Of the companies which entered, DPSA was the fastest growing mining services company in the country in 2007-8 and the fifth fastest-growing company based in Queensland.

A challenge faced by DPSA throughout the growth period was negotiating the rapid transition from a small locally based consumables company, to a large company providing diverse services and managing operations throughout Australia. Drawing on his extensive management expertise, Mike was able to help Neill maintain his company’s employee driven culture and commitment to customer service throughout business expansion.

Mike has also provided the DPSA Group advice and assistance in the areas of:

  • Evaluating acquisition opportunities and assisting with negotiations
  • Negotiating agreements and arrangements with international suppliers
  • Negotiating equity and debt funding arrangements

Managing Director, Neill Clur said:

“Mike has provided invaluable help to DPSA. He is an incisive, strategic thinker with an excellent network of contacts. He has used his extensive experience in capital fundraising to expedite the process of raising the necessary funds so crucial to a growing business like DPSA. His knowledge of the mining sector has deepened as the company has grown and he is an important member of the DPSA Board.”
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Mike Wallas was firstly engaged by Ephox Pty Ltd as a consultant in early 2001 with the task of assisting the company to develop global marketing and sales strategies.

In May 2001 he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. At that time Ephox faced a number of significant challenges in the face of the worldwide downturn in the demand for Information Technology products and services, and the consequential drought of funds for early-stage IT enterprises.

The Board engaged Mike because of his considerable international experience in Information Technology, confident that he would be able take Ephox from a small Queensland-based enterprise to a globally competitive supplier of valued enterprise software.

Mike was able to grasp the implications of Ephox’s technology and to expertly manage the business so that it survived during the resource-intensive but revenue-low development phase.

This was a very challenging task, and ranged from the need to convince investors that Ephox’s software development efforts would eventually produce profits, through the need to obtain government R&D support, to the need to manage the business on very tight budgets.

During this phase Mike contributed not only the vision but also the route to maintain and grow the business.

At the end of his three-year tenure as Chief Executive Office of Ephox, Mike was able to hand over Ephox to founder Andrew Roberts as a thriving international business with a range of globally competitive content-authoring products.

Ephox can justifiably claim that it is the world leader in Java-based content authoring, and is able to compete directly with major software developers.

Ephox’s customers are some of the world’s largest and most progressive enterprises, including Fortune 1000-type companies, governments and educational institutions.

Mike has been instrumental in success in areas of

  • Internationalisation of the business
  • Strategy development and leadership
  • Large OEM and partnership negotiations
  • Distribution channel development
  • Leadership and vision
  • Set up of USA infrastructure
  • Sales and Marketing development

Andrew Roberts, CEO, Ephox Corporation Pty Ltd said:

“I have worked with Mike very closely at Ephox for over 3 years and Mike is an exceptional executive and entrepreneur. He clearly understands the challenges that start-ups face and has innovative and dynamic approaches to overcoming them. In his time at Ephox he grew sales over 100%, turned a profit and built an international business.”

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i.lab was established by the Queensland Government in 2000 as part of its Smart State strategy to encourage investment and create knowledge-based jobs for Queenslanders.

Its purpose is to facilitate the development of high technology industries in Queensland by providing mentoring and support for entrepreneurs. It does this by nurturing start-up technology businesses over a two year period.

Anne-Marie Birkill – CEO, i.lab Incubator said:

“Mike Wallas has been a long-term ‘friend’ and advisor to i.lab Incubator, and a mentor to i.lab member companies, including Ephox Pty Ltd, Taurus Software Solutions Pty Ltd and ICOMMS Pty Ltd.

Mike’s unique combination of business savvy and engaging personal style has added value in all these interactions, helping companies in the difficult start-up phase navigate treacherous waters.

While Mike has an extensive knowledge of a range of business principles, his expertise in the development of distribution strategies, expansion and growth strategies, and distribution chain management has been particularly beneficial.”

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