“In working with Mike, I have found a unique mentor. He has contributed substantially to my personal growth. I progressed from a starry-eyed, bullet-proof Gen-Xer with an idea, to an entrepreneur capable of putting together strategic alliances with major foreign telecommunications companies. I now negotiate substantial distribution agreements with major ski resorts and hotel chains throughout North America.”
Steve Kenny – MD, Snowsports Interactive

“Mike has provided invaluable help to DPSA. He is an incisive, strategic thinker with an excellent network of contacts. He has used his extensive experience in capital fundraising to expedite the process of raising the necessary funds so crucial to a growing business like DPSA. His knowledge of the mining sector has deepened as the company has grown and he is an important member of the DPSA Board.”
Neill Clur – CEO, DPSA Group

“Mike develops a clear vision and then executes with precision to achieve his goals. He brings a well balanced perspective to any discussion and, whilst he is very results driven, does not overlook the personal aspects. I really enjoyed working with Mike.”
Danny Berkovic- IBM Australia

“I have worked with Mike very closely at Ephox for over 3 years and Mike is an exceptional executive and entrepreneur. He clearly understands the challenges that start-ups face and has innovative and dynamic approaches to overcoming them. In his time at Ephox he grew sales over 100%, turned a profit and built an international business.”
Andrew Roberts – CEO, Ephox Corporation

“Mike Wallas has been a long-term ‘friend’ and advisor to i.lab Incubator, and a mentor to i.lab member companies, including Ephox Pty Ltd, Taurus Software Solutions Pty Ltd and ICOMMS Pty Ltd. Mike’s unique combination of business savvy and engaging personal style has added value in all these interactions, helping companies in the difficult start-up phase navigate treacherous waters.

While Mike has an esxtensive knowledge of a range of business principles, his expertise in the development of distribution strategies, expansion and growth stretgies, and distribution chain management has been particularly beneficial.”
Anne-Marie Birkill – CEO, i.lab Incubator