Driving global business

We drive growth and wealth creation in enterprises with the desire and potential to excel

EGS offers in-depth and professional assistance with the development of key strategies for expansion and protection of businesses across a wide range of industries.

A primary focus of EGS is capital raising for high growth businesses. Capital is raised from a variety of sources including sophisticated investors, senior and mezzanine debt providers and Venture Capital organizations.

Enterprise Growth Solutions – EGS – helps lean, fast-paced and flexible enterprises build and grow their businesses and value. We help business owners differentiate between personal exertion income and wealth creation.

EGS is led by experienced business angel and successful entrepreneur Mike Wallas. He has developed proven business strategies and interventions which empower smart business people to build up their enterprises by extending their markets, exploiting their Intellectual Property, and capitalising on lucrative opportunities.

EGS offers exceptional advice and service to develop strategic competitive advantage for a wide range of industries. We have personal experience in running $400m businesses as well as start-ups over the past 22 years.

EGS has developed a powerful network of professionals covering corporate finance, capital raising, business planning and channel development, and we create tailored teams to work on specific client projects.

EGS business consulting approach

We specialise in developing international growth strategies for ambitious and growing companies.

Our difference is the level of involvement and support we offer our clients: we work as trusted advisors, and we offer close and ongoing support to companies ready to move to the next level. We have “been there and done it” ourselves and understand first hand the issues facing growing businesses.

We use our extensive local and international business experience to provide practical and proven strategies for dynamic businesses. We help our clients develop strategic competitive advantage and investment appeal by focusing on::

  • Optimal business strategy and structure
  • Identifying the most profitable, wealth-creating opportunities
  • Growth strategies for sustained profitability
  • Capital Raising and Funding

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